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Killing thrips without chemicals!

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February 5, 2015
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March 21, 2015

Short post today on the solution I have finally found to killing pesky thrips and other insects without using chemicals. 

I’ve struggled with this problem a lot, continually thinking I’ve found the solution only to be disappointed when the dang things come back weeks later. I’ve used this solution for about two months now and it is the only one that had actually worked. 

I’ve tried: sticky pads with almond and vanilla extract (supposed to attract thrips with the smell), worm tea, hand picking, garlic and pepper sprays, apple cider vinegar, and even crop dusting.

The only thing that has worked for me (not to say the above solutions can’t work, I just didn’t have luck using them to get rid of my thrips) is…..

Buying masking tape and laying it down between rows with the sticky side up. As silly and simple as that sounds, it traps almost all of these little guys. Check the picture below.

I have also supplemented this method with using a vacuum cleaner to periodically vacuum thrips off of my plants but so far nothing has been better than the tape. It’s an extremely simple, cheap, and effective solution to this headache for any aquaponic farmer.

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