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Next steps for Live Local

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March 21, 2015
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July 29, 2015


We are in 13 total stores now with our basil and have heard nothing but good things from our customers. Now that we have a consistent market in Portland, the question becomes:

“what do we do next?”

We are toying around with many ideas, but we want to make sure we are careful with our planning so that we don’t jump into anything too soon. Our options are basically

  1. Expand within our warehouse and supply stores other than New Seasons and Food Front. We have talked briefly with Market of Choice and Whole Foods, both are interested but we haven’t gone so far as to supply any of their stores.
  2. Expand our product line.  We have researched the market for different varieties of basil and are fairly confident that a Thai basil and Shiso (Japanese Basil) could both have significant markets in Portland. Whether or not our research is accurate is yet to be seen.
  3. Expand to fruiting plants. We have successfully grown tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, and all types of other veggies in our test bed. The nutrient and light requirements for these plants, however, are significantly different than that of basil which would mean setting up a completely new Aquaponics system and going through the learning curve again.
  4. Expand to other cities. The goal of Live Local is to promote local business and local food production around the United States. Eventually we want to take our business model down to California to help with the constant water shortages facing many southern Californian counties. It may be too soon for this move, though.

So what is the plan?

Right now we have decided that our most promising option is to begin growing different varieties of basil. There are relatively few changes we would have to make in order to make this happen, and we would access an entirely new market doing so.  So if you shop at the New Seasons 7 corners store, make sure to look our for Live Local Thai Basil here in the next 2-3 weeks! 🙂 check the pictures below to see the progress!

As always, remember to Live Local and support local business!


Our test batch of red Shiso!

Our test batch of Thai Basil!